Project Funding

Too often in today’s tight capital markets, sound projects & plans, even with healthy financial projections and returns for their investors, face significant challenges to find available and affordable funding. “No funding, no project” could be a reality. We’ve also heard it said “no profit, no mission”.

If the purposed success is of beneficial yield, let’s process viability & mutually seek to get it done.

Project values $5 million – $ 500 million +, C-G-I can be of potential assistance to link qualified projects to funding sources (humanitarian & missions-related projects and endeavors have lower minimums).

Disclaimer: c-g-i is not a commercial lender or broker but acts as an intermediary and “pre-screener” based on funding criteria determined by our lending sources and intermediaries.

Our team & network has extensive experience in the World of Finance including business consulting, business analysis, due diligence and corporate finance. Hands-on, on-site due diligence and business analysis of projects around the Globe can also be conducted as a service.

We welcome any viable project for consideration of funding (structured debt, equity, jv). Our international knowledge and experience covers the many complicated aspects of ‘cross border’ lending and greatly assists us to determine the viability of a project and where applicable, to guide the borrower to present their project in the best way possible and to capture the attention of a suitable lender. Business plan development & “packaging for presentation” is a service, if need be.

Alternative ‘green’ Energy projects
There are a number of funding sources who are actively seeking ‘green’, environmentally friendly projects such as Biodiesel Fuel plants, Algae to biofuels, Ethanol and Agrifuel plants, Waste to energy (WTE) and others such as Solar and Wind farms. A good opportunity exists here for funding as many consider these projects to be extremely topical and an excellent area into which to invest.

Commercial Funding
We are able in many cases to provide a direct link to funding sources, such as Domestic and Foreign Banks, Insurance companies, trust funds, hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Private Investors and Private and Institutional lenders.

Commercial Real Estate funding projects cover many property types, such as, Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals, Medical & Adult Care facilities, Self Storage buildings, Marinas, Golf Courses, Resorts, other.

We welcome your project & inquiries: Tel: + 1.716.693.0395 (EST, USA) Email:

Frequently asked questions:

How do I submit an Application for Funding? Email our office at and request a non-compete/non-disclosure form and Project Intake Form (PIF). Complete these forms and return it to us for our initial consideration of the project.

Do you charge any up-front fees? No, we do not charge any fees to carry out an initial review of a project.

Are there any other costs such as Due Diligence Fees? Due Diligence expenses are charged by some lenders in certain circumstances. The act of Due Diligence should be considered as part of the ‘cost of doing business’ and not as a fee or upfront charge. It should be considered in the same way as paying for an Appraisal or Feasibility Study, or the cost of a CPA preparing financials to accompany an application for a project funding request.

Are Intermediaries, Loan Consultants, and Brokers protected? Absolutely, we value the relationship we have with our Intermediaries, whether they are Loan Consultants, Attorneys, Brokers, CPA’s, Bankers or any other entity endeavoring to achieve project funding.